NRI Forced to Pay Cops’ Food Bills

Cops Misbehave with NRI, Action Taken

NRI Forced: Patna’s Senior Superintendent of Police, Rajiv Mishra, took swift action by suspending two constables from Kotwali police station in Bihar, India. The constables, identified as Bablu Kumar and Vinay Kumar, faced disciplinary action for allegedly compelling a non-resident Indian (NRI) to cover their food expenses.

This incident occurred when the NRI, Ritesh Batra alias Ravi, sought assistance from the officers after an autorickshaw driver absconded with his bag containing Rs 27K in cash and valuables.

NRI Forced to Pay…

City SP (central) Chandra Prakash confirmed the disciplinary measures, stating that the suspension followed Ritesh Batra’s complaint about being coerced into paying the policemen’s food bills.

According to police reports, Ritesh Batra and his family were visiting Patna to see Takhat Shri Harmandir Sahib Gurdwara. On March 8, while traveling in an autorickshaw, the driver halted the vehicle on JP Ganga Path, suggesting they admire the scenery.

Taking advantage of the distraction, the driver fled with their belongings. Upon approaching the constables for assistance, Ritesh was instead taken to a restaurant where the officers insisted he dine with them, subsequently pressuring him to settle their food expenses.

The swift action taken by Patna SSP Rajiv Mishra underscores the commitment to accountability within the police force, ensuring that officers uphold their responsibilities with integrity and refrain from misconduct, especially when dealing with citizens seeking assistance and support.

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