Canada welcomes STEM Talent through Express Entry System

STEM Engineers to get Express Entry in Canada

Canada has introduced a new stream in its Express Entry immigration pathway, targeted to prioritize highly skilled individuals with expertise in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). With various sectors in Canada experiencing a shortage of workers, the country has implemented several measures to facilitate immigration and bridge these labour gaps.

In a recent announcement, Sean Fraser, the Minister of Immigration, unveiled modifications to the Express Entry system, incorporating category-based selection. These adjustments are designed to address labour requirements aligned with specific economic objectives.

In addition to the regular invitation rounds, these category-based selection rounds will take place throughout the year, with further details to be disclosed in the upcoming weeks.

Express Entry serves as Canada’s primary application management system for individuals aspiring to obtain permanent residency through various immigration programs such as the Federal Skilled Worker Program, a portion of the Provincial Nominee Program.

The recent emphasis on candidates possessing STEM proficiency, encompassing roles such as data scientists, programmers, mathematicians, electrical engineers etc. aims to bolster Canada’s science and technology industry. By attracting skilled professionals in these fields, the country seeks to foster innovation and enable businesses to realize their growth potential by accessing the talent they require.

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