Bollywood Starkid Splurges on Rs 12.91 Crore Property

The Archies Star Suhana Khan's Controversial Land Purchase

Suhana Khan, the highly awaited star child and daughter of Bollywood great Shah Rukh Khan, is creating headlines even before her maiden film reaches the screens. In an unexpected move, Suhana has lately bought a huge property in the scenic town of Alibaug, indicating her entrance into the realm of agriculture. The young prodigy acquired a 1.5-acre plot with three residences for a stunning Rs 12.91 crore. With her first feature, “The Archies,” already creating substantial excitement, Suhana Khan is clearly making a mark before ever stepping foot in the business.

The Alibaug home: Located by the tranquil seaside, Suhana Khan’s new home is a wonderful investment that adds to the Khan family’s real estate holdings in the region. The land’s registration paperwork specifically characterise Suhana as an agriculturalist, indicating her interest in farming and rural pursuits. The sale and registration procedure were completed on June 1, with a large stamp duty of Rs 77.46 lakh paid. Notably, the property comprises of 2218 square feet of developed space inside the wide 1.5-acre site.

An Acquisition from Film Royalty: Suhana Khan’s recently acquired home has a fascinating past. The property used to be to the heirs of the famed film clan actor, Durga Khote. It is worth highlighting that Shah Rukh Khan already owns an adjacent home, demonstrating the family’s connection to this gorgeous seaside location.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Luxurious Alibaug Bungalow: The Khan family’s link with Alibaug doesn’t stop with Suhana’s new purchase. Shah Rukh Khan himself has a beautiful oceanfront home in the neighbourhood, equipped with a swimming pool and a helicopter. The actor has repeatedly relished the calm beauty of Alibaug and even spent his 52nd birthday in this gorgeous place.

“The Archies” and Debutantes: While awaiting the release of her first film, Suhana Khan is prepared to make her mark among other star youngsters. “The Archies,” a film based on the beloved comics, will exclusively stream on Netflix. Alongside Suhana in their Bollywood starts are Khushi Kapoor, daughter of the late Sridevi as well as Agastya Nanda, grandson of iconic actor BIG B. This star-studded first picture promises to be a gripping and unforgettable entrance for these talented young talents.

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