Australia Tightens Visa Requirements

Australia Strict on Labour Visa Requirements

Australia :- Australia is set to implement rigorous changes to its visa regulations affecting both international students and low-skilled workers, with the goal of slashing its migrant intake by 50% over the next two years.

Australia Visa Requirements :-

Clare O’Neil, the Minister for Home Affairs, revealed the forthcoming reforms, underlining the imperative to revamp what is perceived as a broken migration system.

As part of the new policies, international students will now be required to attain higher scores on English proficiency tests, and heightened scrutiny will be applied to second visa applications seeking extensions of their stays.Minister O’Neil emphasized that the government’s strategy transcends mere numerical adjustments, aiming to shape Australia’s future through a more comprehensive migration experience.The surge in migration numbers in the preceding year was initially driven by the need to address staffing shortages resulting from stringent border controls amid the global pandemic.

However, the significant influx of foreign workers and students exacerbated existing pressures on the rental market, ultimately contributing to a notable increase in homelessness.

Australia, traditionally reliant on immigration to reinforce its labour market, now grapples with the formidable challenge of managing the multifaceted impact of heightened migration.

The government’s move reflects a strategic reassessment of immigration policies to strike a balance between economic demands and the broader societal implications of increased population inflows.

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