Air India’s Special Offer Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

Air India to Give One-Time waiver for Tickets

As a response to the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel, Air India has unveiled a compassionate measure to assist passengers impacted by the turmoil.

The airline is providing a one-time waiver for rescheduling or cancelling confirmed flight tickets to and from Tel Aviv, seeking to alleviate travel apprehensions among passengers during this unstable period.

In light of the escalated tension and violence that erupted on October 7, Air India has proactively decided to suspend its flights between Delhi and Tel Aviv until October 14 as a precautionary measure.

Air India Updates for Flight Tickets Reschedule

Demonstrating its dedication to its staff, Air India conducted a successful evacuation mission on Sunday. This operation focused on evacuating the airline’s crew members and two airport managers from Tel Aviv.

The group of evacuees included 10 personnel, comprising pilots and cabin crew, who had been stationed in Israel for the specific purpose of operating the return flight. Escalating tensions in the region have compelled several major airlines, to make adjustments to their schedules.

This includes suspending flight operations entirely or reducing the number of direct flights. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the conflict’s repercussions are affecting airport operations.

Concurrently, due to the heightened Israel-Hamas war situation, Indian tour operators are now fielding last-minute rescheduling and cancellation requests from Indian travellers who had plans to visit the conflict zone or the surrounding areas in December. Travelers who intended to visit neighbouring countries like Jordan are also contemplating changes to their itineraries.

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