Based Migration – Affluent Indians Embrace Investment

Permanent Residency through Investment

Based Migration : Until recently, India’s investment migration market predominantly focused on the US EB-5 program. However, there is now a growing interest in residence-by-investment migration programs in countries like the UAE, Singapore, Greece, and various European nations. This shift is driven by the desire of affluent individuals to augment their wealth and expand their global mobility prospects.

The newly introduced Indian outward direct investment regulations have played a significant role in motivating numerous prosperous Indian families to explore investment opportunities on the international stage.

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These regulations enable direct investments in foreign entities under specific conditions. According to a partner specializing in private wealth and family offices at Hourani & Partners in the UAE, these regulations have acted as a catalyst for this trend.

According to a managing partner at a specialized law firm focusing on employment and immigration matters, India has stringent regulations when it comes to foreign exchange.

The situation may also vary depending on the number of family members seeking citizenship or permanent residency. The Senior Managing Director overseeing global client origination points out that residence visas are typically granted to a family unit, which includes the husband, wife, and up to two children under either the age of 23 or 18, depending on the specific country’s regulations.

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