Adipurush USA Box Office: Premiere Bookings Fall Short of Expectations

USA Premiere Blues: Adipurush Struggles to Attract Audience Interest

In a surprise change of instances, the highly awaited movie Adipurush, featuring famous actor Prabhas, is facing a big roadblock in the United States. The picture, which had garnered considerable excitement before to its debut, is failing to get even minimal bookings throughout the nation. This comes as a sharp contrast to Prabhas’ previous movie, Radheshyam, which experienced astounding opening bookings in the USA.

As per the latest figures, the advance sales for the USA premiere of Adipurush remain at a measly $266,184. With 190 sites and 500 events, just 12,153 tickets have been sold thus far. This falls well short of the projected $1 million premieres, leaving the film’s future in the USA questionable. The present number of performances also reflects a gloomy trend, calling for a major spike in reservations in the next days.

Despite the troubling premiere sales, Adipurush managed to gain some optimism with its Day 1 advance sales. The film accumulated $90,667 with 163 sites and 702 presentations, selling 6,385 tickets. The average number of shows per site on the first day suggests a good start. If this pace continues, the film is likely to have over 1,100 shows on its opening day.

However, industry insiders remain wary, noting the discrepancy between premiere and day one reservations. The producers and distributors are keenly watching the situation, hoping for a reversal. They are currently planning novel marketing techniques and boosting up promotional operations to lure the public and build greater interest in the picture.


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