White House : Proposed Changes for Quicker Green Card Access

Faster Green Card Approval for Immigrants

In a significant development with the potential to offer solace to a multitude of foreign professionals, the White House Commission for AANHPI has endorsed a proposition to issue employment authorization cards and travel documents as part of the initial stages of Green Card applications.

Pending approval from US President Joe Biden, this proposal could bring much-needed relief to numerous foreign professionals, especially individuals from India who contend with Green Card waiting periods that often extend over several decades.

White House Green Card Updates

The recommendation proposes that the US DHS USCIS should bestow EADs and travel documents upon individuals with approved I-140 employment-based visa petitions in the EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 categories who have languished in the visa backlog for five years or more, irrespective of the status of their adjustment of status applications.

The Green Card, officially referred to as the Permanent Resident Card, holds significant importance as it offers immigrants the opportunity to establish permanent residence within the United States.

The proposed extension of the validity period for the EAD and travel documents until the culmination of the Green Card application process has gained the Commission’s approval.

This particular recommendation holds the promise of ushering in transformative reforms within the United States’ immigration framework. It stands to benefit not only the nation itself but also highly skilled foreign-born individuals who are eager to make substantial contributions to the United States, as emphasized by Ajay Jain Bhutoria during the Immigration subcommittee meeting.

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