Vietnam Considering Visa-Free Entry for Indians

Vietnam to Join Thailand in giving Indians Visa Free Entry

Vietnam Considering: After Sri Lanka and Thailand, Vietnam appears poised to emerge as the next prominent destination, welcoming Indian travelers without the requirement of a visa.

As reported by the local news agency, Vietnam’s minister is advocating for short-term visa waivers, particularly targeting major markets such as China and India. The objective is to stimulate tourism recovery and facilitate smoother entry for visitors.

Vietnam considering free entry for Indians

The data for the first ten months of the current year underscores Vietnam’s robust tourism growth, with an impressive 4.6-fold increase compared to the previous period.

Notably, the total number of international visitors to Vietnam during this timeframe approached nearly 10 million, surpassing the targeted goal set for 2023.

This positive trend signifies a significant uptick in Vietnam’s attractiveness as a travel destination and highlights the country’s proactive measures to encourage tourism.

If the proposed short-term visa waivers are implemented, it could further enhance Vietnam’s appeal, especially for Indian tourists, contributing to the nation’s ongoing efforts to revitalize its tourism sector.

Commencing in mid-August, Vietnam initiated the issuance of electronic visas (e-visas) for individuals from all countries and territories. These e-visas boast a validity period of 90 days, allowing for multiple entries.

Anticipated growth in Indian tourist numbers is on the horizon, driven by India’s increasing economic prosperity and a rising inclination for international travel.

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