US Visa Fee Increase Put on Hold

US Delays Visa Price Hike

Visa Fee :- The Biden administration is contemplating a delay in the anticipated regulation, which aims to increase fees for various US visa applications, including the high-demand H-1B cap visas.

Visa Fee Increases on US :-

Traditionally, the issuance of such regulations triggers a 2 month window for public comments, followed by a subsequent period before the regulations come into effect.

Initial expectations pointed to the regulation’s release this month or, at the latest, by January 2024. However, industry insiders now indicate a postponement, with the final regulation likely to be deferred until April 2024.

The annual H-1B cap lottery’s electronic registrations typically take place in March. One notable aspect of the proposed regulation was an increase in the E-registration fee to 215 USD, designed to discourage misuse of the lottery system. With the delay in publishing the final regulation, it appears that H-1B cap applications for the 2024-25 season may escape the imposition of higher fees.

Notably, there is a growing advocacy among immigration attorneys for investments in the EB5 program, seen as a pre-emptive strategy to navigate potential fee increases.

This proactive approach aims to shield applicants from the impact of potential fee hikes and underscores the dynamic nature of US immigration policies.

As the Biden administration navigates these considerations, individuals and legal practitioners alike must stay vigilant for further updates that may influence the landscape of visa application fees and procedures.

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