US Streamlines Visitor Visa Interviews

US Visitor Visa Interview Update

The US Embassy in India has announced revisions to its visa appointment procedures, particularly regarding B-1/B-2 interview waiver appointments in New Delhi.

As per a statement published on X, the embassy revealed that B-1/B-2 interview waiver appointments will be centralized in New Delhi.

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Despite this change, applicants can still submit their application forms at any of the five Visa Application Centres without charge.

Alternatively, they have the option to drop their documents at any US Document Dropoff Centre in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Cochin, Jalandhar, or Pune, with a fee of 850 rupees per application.

Assuring eligible applicants of the availability of interview waiver appointments in New Delhi, the embassy also mentioned that due to this consolidation, limited interview waiver appointments would be accessible for visitor visas in metropolitan cities of India.

However, applicants eligible for the interview waiver process need not fret as appointments remain accessible in New Delhi.

Highlighting the surge in visa processing, the US Consular Team in India recorded processing a record-breaking 1.4M US visas in 2023, leading to a notable 75 percent reduction in visitor visa appointment wait times.

Additionally, both the Embassy and Consulates in India underscored the escalating number of Indian visa applicants. In 2023 alone, they processed a staggering 1.4M US visas, with a 60% increase in applications compared to 2022. Indians now account for 10% out of totally all US visa applicants worldwide.

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