Canada Raises Fees for Residency Programs

Canada Residency Fee Hike

Canada Raises: Canada is set to increase fees for certain permanent residency (PR) programs starting April 30, 2024.

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced the adjustment, citing the Consumer Price Index for Canada over the past two years.

The new fees include $575 for principal applicants and accompanying spouses or common-law partners, up from $515, and $950 for accompanying spouses or partners, previously $850. Business applicants (federal and Quebec) will see an increase to $1,810 from $1,625 for principal applicants.

Canada Raises…

Exemptions from the Right of Permanent Residence Fee apply to specific categories, such as dependent children and protected persons.

However, principal applicants in Humanitarian and Compassionate and Public Policy categories are exempt only under specific conditions.

Additionally, individuals holding permits are unable to include their family members in their applications for permanent residency. Instead, they must apply individually as principal applicants.

IRCC’s adjustment aligns with Canada’s Immigrant and Refugee Protection Regulations, aiming to keep pace with economic shifts reflected in the Consumer Price Index.

The update underscores the government’s commitment to maintaining fair and equitable immigration policies while addressing administrative costs.

Prospective applicants should stay informed about these changes, ensuring readiness for any adjustments to the immigration process.

As Canada continues to welcome newcomers, these updates ensure the system remains responsive and sustainable.

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