US Lawmaker Calls End to Green Card for Indians

US Green Card difficult for Indians

US Lawmaker: Influential US Congressman Matt Cartwright has voiced support for removing the seven percent country quota on Green Cards, emphasizing the need for highly skilled Indian professionals to immigrate to the United States.

Cartwright, representing Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District, highlights the vital role of skilled individuals from around the world in bolstering the US economy.

US Lawmaker Calls…

Backing initiatives by Indian American organizations like the Foundation for India and Indian Diaspora (FIIDS), Cartwright stresses the adverse impact of the quota system, particularly on countries like India with large pools of talented individuals.

He asserts that restricting immigration based on arbitrary quotas undermines America’s tradition of welcoming intellect and talent.

Cartwright emphasizes the mutual benefits of fostering immigration from India, highlighting the valuable contributions of Indian communities to local economies across the US.

He lauds the vibrancy and contributions of Indian communities, citing his own experience visiting the BAPS Temple in Robbinsville, New Jersey, where he was deeply impressed by the dedication and skill of Indian volunteers.

Recognizing the significance of bilateral trade and cultural exchange between the US and India, Cartwright underscores the importance of attracting skilled professionals to drive economic growth and innovation.

He advocates for policies that embrace the talent and intellect of individuals seeking to contribute to the American economy and society.

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