Four Arrested Crossing US-Canada Border Illegally

Illegal Immigrants Held at US Border

Four Arrested: Three Indian nationals were among four individuals apprehended in Upstate New York as they attempted to illegally enter the US by jumping off a moving freight train from Canada.

Border Patrol agents in Buffalo detained the group, which included one woman, on March 12. An investigation revealed that all four were undocumented non-citizens.

Four Arrested Crossing

The incident unfolded when Border Patrol agents observed the four individuals jumping off a moving freight train on the International Railroad Bridge in Buffalo.

While attempting to flee, the men abandoned a woman who had sustained an injury. She received initial medical assistance from Erie County Sheriff’s deputies and CBP officers before being transported to a local medical centre for further treatment.

Following identification, it was determined that the woman and two men were Indian nationals, while the third man hailed from the Dominican Republic. The individuals are presently undergoing deportation procedures and are held in custody at the Batavia Federal Detention Facility. They are being charged under Sections 212 and 237 of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Meanwhile, the injured woman remains under medical care at a local facility. Chief Patrol Agent Thomas G. Martin of the US Border Patrol Buffalo Sector commended the collaborative efforts of Border Patrol agents, CBP officers, and law enforcement partners in safeguarding the Western New York area. The incident underscores the ongoing vigilance and dedication of authorities to maintain border security.

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