US Consulate Conducts Massive Visa Interviews

US Consulate Hyderabad Processes 1500 Interviews in a Day

In response to the soaring demand for visitor visas, the US Consulate in Hyderabad conducted a special event, termed ‘Super Saturday,’ welcoming 1500 applicants for visa interviews.

This initiative aligns with the broader objective of enhancing people-to-people ties between the US and India.

US Consulate Conducts

The recent ‘Super Saturday’ in Hyderabad follows similar drives held by the US Embassy in New Delhi and the Mumbai Consulate, where over 1,000 and 1500 visitor visa applicants were processed, respectively.

US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, actively participated in the Delhi event, supporting the embassy team in fingerprint verification.

Originally launched sporadically in 2022, these ‘Super Saturday’ drives have now become quarterly occurrences, demonstrating a commitment to streamlining visa processing and addressing the growing demand.

Ambassador Garcetti emphasized the importance of nurturing relationships through work, travel, and study in the United States, highlighting the mission’s efforts to facilitate visa processing amid unprecedented demand.

Leveraging additional staffing and technological advancements, the US mission in India aims to surpass previous visa processing records, bolstering the strong US-India partnership.

Statistics indicate a notable 60% increase in applications compared to the previous year, with Indian applicants comprising a significant portion of all visa applicants to the US globally.

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