UK Government Moves Towards Largest Migration Cut

UK Targets Biggest Migration Cut in History

UK Government: The UK government is undertaking significant changes to its immigration policies, aiming for the largest-ever reduction in migration. According to the UK Home Office, these measures include a 48% increase in the skilled worker visa salary threshold and the abolition of the Shortage Occupation List and the 20% salary discount.

Parliamentary orders have been laid to eliminate the 20% salary discount for shortage occupations and raise the minimum salary threshold for skilled workers to ₤38.7K.

UK Government Moves..

These changes mark a substantial shift in the Skilled Worker route, including the expansion of supplementary employment permission and adjustments to salary thresholds for tradeable points options.

With net migration hitting record levels last year, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faces growing pressure from the right wing of his party to reduce it, especially with an upcoming election on the horizon.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) forecasts that immigration will contribute to adding 6.1M people to the UK population by mid-2036, driving significant population growth from 67M in mid-2021 to 73.7M in mid-2036.

In line with these changes, the government has introduced new visa rules restricting overseas care workers, including Indians, from bringing dependant family members to the UK.

This decision aims to address what the Home Office describes as a disproportionate situation observed in the care visa route last year, where 120K dependants accompanied 100K workers.

These developments reflect the UK government’s efforts to reshape its immigration system and address concerns regarding population growth and visa regulations.

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