Germany targets Indian students for labour shortage

Indian Students to Solve Germany Labour Shortage

Germany targets: Germany aims to address labour shortages by attracting Indian students, the largest group of international students in the country, to its workforce.

With a staggering 43K Indian students enrolled in German universities, the country acknowledges the need to make its labour market appealing to these graduates.

Germany targets Indian….

Dr. Joybrato Mukherjee, President of the German Academic Exchange Service, highlighted the importance of integrating Indian students into the German workforce amidst growing skill gaps.

Following discussions between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, along with the enactment of Germany’s Skilled Immigration Act, pathways for Indian students to enter the German labour market have become more accessible.

With many programs taught in English, Indian students with German degrees now have promising prospects for employment not only in Germany but also in other Schengen area countries.

The focus is on fostering brain circulation rather than brain drain, with the belief that well-qualified international students can forge successful careers in Germany.

Data from the Federal Statistical Office of Germany indicates a 26% increase in Indian student enrolment, reaching 43K for the winter semester of 2022-23. Engineering remains the preferred discipline, attracting 60% of Indian students, followed by law, management, social studies, mathematics, and natural sciences.

Germany’s efforts to attract and retain Indian talent reflect its commitment to addressing labour market demands and fostering international cooperation in education and employment.

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