Visa Program in United Kingdom Evaluates Graduate Route

UK Looks onto Graduate Route Visa Program

Visa Program :- In a recent development impacting immigration to the United Kingdom, the British Home Secretary announced a comprehensive review of the widely popular Graduate Route, which grants international students a two-year post-study work permit.

Visa Program in US :-

The decision, part of the Sunak government’s broader immigration strategy, comes in response to concerns raised about the route’s effectiveness in retaining high-skilled talent. Notably, this route is extensively utilized by Indian students, a fact highlighted in an independent report on migration.

The impending review, to be conducted by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), serves the purpose of evaluating the Graduate Route’s efficacy in retaining skilled individuals.

The MAC, an advisory body on visa policies, awaits a formal commission from the Home Office following the Home Secretary’s announcement in Parliament. The primary objectives of this review are to curb potential abuses of the system and uphold the integrity and quality of higher education in the United Kingdom.

Amidst this development, various diaspora student groups have expressed concerns, urging the review to concentrate on preventing abuses rather than questioning the pivotal role of post-study work offers.

This announcement comes in the context of a series of measures implemented by the UK government in the past week, signalling a concerted effort to tighten immigration policies.

While these measures were anticipated, their impact is significant, affecting a broad spectrum of individuals, including prospective migrants, students, and workers, who had been planning to relocate to the United Kingdom.

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