UGC Declares Unrecognized Foreign Degrees Invalid

UGC on Unrecognized Foreign Degrees from India

UGC Declares :- The University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued a stern caution to educational institutions and technology-driven educational companies engaging in collaborative partnerships with foreign universities not officially recognized by the UGC.

UGC Declares Unrecognized Foreign Degrees are Invalid

Officials have underscored that degrees acquired through such collaborations will lack validity, urging students to refrain from enrolling in programs associated with these partnerships.

Manish Joshi, the Secretary of the UGC, highlighted the growing concern where numerous Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and colleges have formed alliances with foreign educational institutions lacking UGC recognition.

This has resulted in the issuance of degrees that do not carry the requisite UGC acknowledgment. Any collaborative effort or agreement of this nature is explicitly disapproved by the UGC, rendering degrees obtained through such partnerships invalid.

The UGC has also taken note of the burgeoning trend among educational technology companies advertising degree and diploma programs in collaboration with foreign universities and institutions through diverse media channels.

Joshi clarified that such franchise arrangements are impermissible, emphasizing that any programs or degrees offered through such channels will not receive UGC recognition. Both defaulting edtech companies and HEIs are subject to corrective actions under relevant regulations.

In a public notice, the UGC has issued a stark warning to students and the general public, urging caution when contemplating enrolment in courses offered by entities lacking UGC recognition.

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