UAE Reintroduces Visitor Visa for Three Months or 90 Days

Exciting News: UAE Brings Back 90-Day Visit Visa

In a move that has thrilled visitors and expats alike, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has revived its long-term visitor visa, enabling persons to remain for a generous duration of three months or 90 days. This move comes following the revocation of the 90-day visa at the end of last year, which was replaced with a shorter 60-day visa.

The FA for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security (ICP) have announced that the new visitor visa is now available for individuals interested in enjoying a longer stay in the UAE.

To secure the visa, interested persons may contact approved travel agencies, who have verified that the 90-day visa option was reintroduced at the end of last month. Notably, travellers on this visa are able to remain in the UAE for the entire 90-day length, with the potential of extending their visa while inside the country.

Currently, the UAE provides two kinds of entrance permits: the tourist visa, which enables stays of 30 or 60 days, and the visit visa. Under the new ruling, the visit visa is now provided for a generous duration of 90 days. This is particularly advantageous for expatriates, including those who prefer to spend quality time with their families and people seeking career prospects.

The cost of the 90-day visit visa begins at AED 1,500, with an extra price for travel agency services, bringing the total to around Dh2,000. Applicants will need to send a current passport-size color picture and a copy of their passport to complete the application process.

Travel firms have guaranteed applicants that the visa would be issued within five days, however in certain situations, it may be obtained in as little as two days.


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