Tamil NRI Donates Land for School

NRI Donates Land for Govt. School in Tamil Nadu

Tamil NRI: Manivannan, a native of M Pudhupatti village in Tamil Nadu, India, now residing in the United States, has generously donated two acres of his land to the Government High School in the village.

The school, originally a primary institution, faced challenges due to inadequate classroom space, forcing students to study outdoors under a tree. Despite these hardships, the school maintained a commendable 100% pass rate in exams.

Tamil NRI Donate

Upon learning about the school’s plight, the government allocated funds for a new building. However, finding a suitable location proved challenging until Manivannan stepped forward with his donation.

Motivated by his father’s roots in the village and his own education abroad, Manivannan chose to honour his father’s memory by facilitating better educational facilities for local children.

This act of philanthropy is not an isolated incident, as it follows a recent donation of land by Aai Ammal from Madurai to another government school.

Manivannan’s contribution has garnered widespread appreciation from the villagers of M Pudhupatti, who are grateful for his support in improving educational opportunities for their children.

Manivannan’s gesture underscores the importance of community support in addressing educational challenges and highlights the positive impact individuals can make on their hometowns despite residing abroad.

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