NRI Support Battle Indian Elections 2024

NRIs to Play Crucial Role in Indian Elections

NRI Support: In the run-up to India’s elections, the San Francisco Bay Area is gearing up for a pro-Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) rally, aiming to bolster support for the party’s electoral ambitions.

Organized by the Overseas Friends of BJP’s US unit, the rally reflects a series of events aimed at mobilizing overseas Indian support for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

NRI Support Battle…

Weekend community meetings serve as platforms for urging Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to rally behind the BJP, with a focus on highlighting the achievements of the Modi government.

These gatherings, attended by diaspora supporters from various Indian states, emphasize the importance of voting for Prime Minister Modi’s party.

The BJP’s outreach strategy extends to ‘chai pe charcha’ events and ‘callathons’, leveraging Indian-American volunteers to encourage relatives to support the BJP.

Notably, the party’s popularity among Telugu-speaking communities in the US has surged, with significant representation from other ethnic groups as well.

In parallel, the Indian Overseas Congress (IOC) under technocrat Sam Pitroda’s leadership is intensifying efforts to secure diaspora backing for the Congress party.

The IOC’s targeted approach involves coordination with Indian expatriates traveling to India during elections, urging them to campaign locally or facilitate voter turnout from abroad.

Both parties are intensifying efforts to harness the influence of the diaspora, with the BJP dispatching senior leaders for engagements and the IOC focusing on grassroots cadre mobilization.

As the election fervour mounts, diaspora Indians find themselves at the forefront of political outreach, amplifying their role in shaping India’s electoral landscape from afar.

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