Russia- India Aims for Mutual Recognition of Degrees

India and Russia Agree on Degree Recognition Mutually

Russia- India: Russian Ambassador Denis Alipov conveyed his hopeful outlook regarding the possibility of establishing an agreement with India for the mutual acceptance of academic qualifications. This initiative comes amidst a notable increase in the number of Indian students pursuing professional degrees in Russia.

Alipov emphasized that such a mutual recognition agreement would facilitate professionals like doctors to commence practicing in India without the necessity of undergoing additional courses. He revealed that Russia has already issued over 8K visas to Indian students.

Russia- India Aims…

Alipov conveyed his optimism during an event at the Russian Embassy in New Delhi, which hosted Indian participants of the World Youth Festival held in Sochi. Russia organized the festival from March 1 to 7, attracting a diverse group of 20K attendees from 190 countries. Notably, India was represented by a sizable contingent of 360 individuals.

Addressing the Indian participants, Alipov expressed delight over their attendance at the festival, highlighting the prominent display of the Indian flag Tiranga as one of the most recognizable symbols. He commended the Indian delegation for its substantial presence, underscoring the strong bond between India and Russia showcased during the event.

The mutual recognition of academic degrees between Russia and India reflects a shared commitment to fostering educational cooperation and facilitating professional opportunities for students and professionals alike.

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