Nova Scotia Canada to Process near 13K Student Permits

Canada to Process 13K Study Permits

Nova Scotia: According to a CBC report, Nova Scotia will handle only 12.9K international study permit applications for the upcoming academic year, as allocated by the Canadian government. This allocation will be distributed among Nova Scotia’s universities, community and private career colleges, and language schools.

During a budget debate at Province House, Advanced Education Minister Brian Wong disclosed the province’s allocation from Ottawa. He highlighted the shift from previous years when schools could submit an unlimited number of applications, resulting in varying success rates.

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Nova Scotia submitted 19K applications for the last academic year, but this number doesn’t directly correspond to the number of attending students.

Canada has enforced a limit on study permits, with the Trudeau administration assigning around 292K permits for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in 2024. This decision follows concerns about the unsustainable growth of the international student program.

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) introduced an overall cap on study permit applications to address this issue, aiming for a 35% reduction in approved permits over two years.

However, limitations may exist on the immigration minister’s authority to restrict approved visas, with emphasis placed on enhancing system integrity.

This development underscores the government’s efforts to manage international student intake and maintain program sustainability while ensuring system integrity and efficiency.

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