Quebec’s Immigrant Investor Program Set to Reopen in January 2024

QIIP to Reopen coming January

Quebec’s Premier recently revealed a series of proposed modifications to the province’s immigration programs, with a particular focus on the Business Immigration Programs, such as the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP).

One noteworthy change highlighted by Francois Legault involves the introduction of a mandatory requirement for all economic immigration candidates in Quebec to possess proficient oral French language skills prior to submitting their applications.

The modifications to the business class immigration category in Quebec will have an impact on investors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed workers. Principal applicants belonging to these groups will now be obligated to possess oral proficiency in French as a requirement.

The government of Quebec has expressed concerns over the low percentage of workers who have a strong command of the French language. In an effort to enhance immigrant integration into the province’s business community and facilitate their contribution to Quebec’s economy, the government believes that making proficiency in French a requirement will be beneficial.

As part of the new regulations, individuals seeking immigration to Quebec will be required to possess basic oral proficiency in French, enabling them to communicate effectively in both professional and social contexts. The objective of these changes is to ensure that by 2026, nearly 100% of new economic immigrants arriving in Quebec will have a prior knowledge of the French language.

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