Potential Visa Regime Changes in the US

US Potential Visa Changes

Potential Visa: In the lead-up to the US elections, immigration, particularly related to H-1B visas, has taken centre stage. The H-1B visa program, crucial for skilled foreign workers in specialty occupations, issues about 85K visas annually, with Indians dominating, especially in the technology sector.

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, known for his strong anti-immigration stance, plans to initiate a massive deportation operation if re-elected.

Potential Visa Updates for US

A potential rule from his first term might resurface, requiring customers of IT and professional services firms to submit H-1B petitions, limiting companies’ ability to utilize H-1B visa holders.

President Joe Biden, in contrast, has criticized Trump’s immigration rhetoric. While proposing more flexible H-1B visa rules for students and entrepreneurs, his administration has also suggested changes like allowing only one registration per employee and narrowing the definition of ‘specialty occupation’ to align with specific degrees.

This move may impact tech employers seeking industry experience over specialized degrees.

The H-1B visa filing for fiscal year 2025 is set to begin in February, with online registration and petition filing expected in April.

As the election outcome unfolds, the future of H-1B visas and the broader immigration landscape in the US will likely be influenced by the policies embraced by the winning candidate.

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