Tech Professionals Prefer New Zealand

New Zealand Emerges as New Favourite for Techies

Tech Professionals: New Zealand is emerging as a preferred choice for Indian tech professionals, challenging the traditional options of the US and the UK. As of 2022, the country hosts nearly 40K workers in its thriving IT sector, with a persistent demand for skilled tech talent.

Tech Professionals Comments

A key factor driving this trend is New Zealand’s straightforward immigration policy. The Australian resident visa facilitates automatic residency in New Zealand without requiring a prior job offer, and obtaining dependent visas is comparatively uncomplicated.

Tech workers highlight that after an initial two years on a work visa, individuals must either depart or apply for a permanent resident visa, as New Zealand doesn’t provide extensions to work permits.

The Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV), akin to the US L1 visa, is an alternative with a maximum two-year duration, necessitating a new AEWV for employer changes.

Despite an open-border approach, New Zealand mandates a labour market test for companies seeking foreign talent, ensuring optimal utilization of local resources.

Tech professionals find diverse job opportunities, from manual testers to full-stack developers, available in both local and multinational companies.

In addition to prioritizing work-life balance, New Zealand firms value sociability, gentleness, and adherence to rules during the hiring process. The country’s commitment to maintaining a low crime rate incorporates behavioural assessments into managerial interviews.

This distinctive blend of immigration policies and work culture positions New Zealand as an increasingly favourable destination for Indian tech talent.

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