New French Immigration Law

Latest French Immigration Law Proposed

New French : French President Emmanuel Macron’s government officially published a new immigration law in the Official Journal, with implementation instructions already provided to officials.

The move follows the Constitutional Council’s censure of certain controversial additions made under right-wing pressure, including restrictions on social benefits and the introduction of immigration quotas.

New French Immigration Updates

Macron urged Interior Minister Gerard Darmanin to expedite the law’s implementation after the ruling.

Darmanin, acknowledging that some measures were in conflict with the constitution, considered the council’s decision a victory for the government.

However, it triggered backlash from the right, with Jordan Bardella, president of the far-right National Rally party, denouncing it as a judicial coup backed by the president. Bardella called for a referendum on immigration, deeming it the only viable solution.

The new immigration law aims to address various aspects of immigration policy, and its enforcement will shape France’s approach to social benefits, quotas, and other related matters.

The constitutional controversies surrounding the bill underscore the ongoing debate on immigration in France, with political divisions on the appropriate measures.

The call for a referendum by Bardella reflects the heightened tensions and divergent opinions on immigration policy within the French political landscape.

As the law moves forward, its impact and implications for immigration dynamics in France will continue to be closely observed and debated.

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