PM Modi’s Heartfelt Diwali Celebration with Soldiers

Modi's Diwali Festivities with Soldiers Illuminate Himachal Pradesh

Diwali  : In the picturesque terrain of Lepcha, Himachal Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued his cherished tradition of Diwali celebration with soldiers. In a series of heartfelt interactions, Modi expressed gratitude and extended greetings to the nation.

Diwali celebrations for soliders

The Prime Minister’s dedication to celebrating Diwali with the armed forces goes beyond his tenure as the country’s leader. Modi reminisced, stating, “In the last 30-35 years, there has not been a single Diwali that I have not celebrated with you (Army jawans). When I was neither the PM nor the CM, I still used to go to the border on the occasion of Diwali.”

Sharing the experience on social media, Modi posted photographs offering sweets to the soldiers, calling it “an experience filled with deep emotion and pride.” He acknowledged the soldiers’ unwavering courage, stationed in challenging terrains, away from their families, ensuring the safety and security of the nation.

The Prime Minister’s respect for the armed forces transcends symbolism. During his speech, he highlighted the remarkable growth in India’s defence exports and domestic defence production, emphasizing the significant role of security forces in nation-building.

Modi’s reverence for the soldiers was evident as he remarked, “For me, a place where security forces are deployed is no less than a temple.” He reiterated the pivotal role of the armed forces in safeguarding the nation, stating, “India is safe so long as its brave soldiers are standing on its borders, unflinching as the Himalayas.”

Notably, Modi recognized the contribution of women in the armed forces, celebrating the increase in the number of women officers and the achievement of women pilots flying fighter planes like Rafale.

The Prime Minister’s Diwali celebrations with the armed forces have become a tradition since 2014. From the Siachen Glacier to the borders with China and Pakistan, Modi has consistently chosen to spend the festival of lights with those who ensure the country’s safety.

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