New Zealand’s Relaxed Migration Rules Aim to Attract Skilled Workers

Ease in Migration Rules In New Zealand

New Zealand has made the decision to remove limitations on its annual intake of highly skilled migrants and streamline the process for granting them permanent residency.

The move comes as developed countries vie to attract top global talent. In a statement, Immigration Minister Michael Woods emphasized that the changes aim to eliminate a cap on skilled migrants, thereby removing an artificial restriction from the previous system. This restriction prevented skilled migrants from settling in New Zealand, even when there was a clear demand for their expertise.

In response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous developed nations have taken steps to increase their annual migration figures or relax visa regulations. These measures are aimed at assisting key industries in recruiting personnel to address labor shortages caused by stricter border controls and reduced access to foreign workers. Starting in October, New Zealand’s government intends to simplify its points-based system, which is used to select skilled migrants.

This will expedite the evaluation of visa applications and provide greater clarity for migrant workers regarding their eligibility. While New Zealand does not enforce a formal quota on the annual allocation of skilled resident visas, it manages the process within a planning range that restricts the number of individuals granted permanent residency.

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