MEA Warns Against Fraudulent Job Offers Overseas

MEA Issues Advisory Against Fake Job Recruiters

MEA Warns :- The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has sounded an alarm regarding a substantial increase in the number of individuals seeking employment overseas falling prey to deceptive tactics employed by unregistered recruitment agents.

MEA Warns againt fraud jobs :-

These unregistered and illicit agents operate without the mandatory license from the Ministry of External Affairs, a prerequisite for any recruitment involving work abroad.

The MEA disclosed that a significant number of these unscrupulous agents conduct their operations through social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, as well as text messages.

What adds to the complexity is that these agents often provide minimal or no information about their locations and contacts, opting for communication exclusively through WhatsApp, thereby making it challenging to verify the caller’s identity and the authenticity of the job offer.

The advisory underscores that these deceitful agents not only exploit individuals financially but also lure them into precarious and life-threatening working conditions.

In contrast, reputable foreign employers typically cover essential expenses such as airfare, boarding, lodging, and insurance. The MEA has also urged emigrant workers to familiarize themselves with the local conditions of the destination country.

To ensure a secure and legal job-seeking experience, the MEA strongly advocates for the use of registered Recruiting Agents exclusively. This advisory serves as a critical reminder for job seekers to exercise utmost caution, verify the legitimacy of recruitment agents, and prioritize their safety and well-being while pursuing opportunities abroad.

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