Maldives President-elect Vows to Remove Indian Military

Maldives Victory Sparks Concerns Over Indian Military Presence

Maldives President  : In a surprising turn of events, President-elect Mohamed Muizzu of the Maldives has reiterated his commitment to remove Indian military personnel stationed in the archipelago state, citing the expressed wishes of the Maldivian people. This move has sent shockwaves through the region, as it raises questions about the future of the strategic Indian Ocean nation.

“The people have told us that they don’t want foreign military here,” Muizzu declared, reaffirming his campaign promise. His statement comes after his victory in the presidential election, which saw him defeating incumbent President Ibrahim Solih in a second-round runoff.

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The election was closely watched as it was seen as a pivotal moment in determining which major power, India or China, would exert greater influence over the Maldives.

Muizzu’s campaign primarily focused on what he alleged was a threat to the Maldives’ sovereignty posed by the presence of Indian military personnel on an island within the archipelago. Outgoing President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, elected in 2018, faced accusations from Muizzu that he had allowed unchecked Indian presence in the Maldives.

Solih, however, vehemently defended the Indian military’s presence, asserting that it was solely for the purpose of constructing a dockyard under a bilateral agreement between the two governments. India has been a longstanding partner in developmental projects in the Maldives, and the dockyard was seen as a symbol of that cooperation.

The geopolitical implications of Muizzu’s decision are significant. India and China, two regional heavyweights, have both extended their congratulations to the president-elect. China’s foreign ministry expressed respect for the Maldivian people’s choice and a willingness to deepen cooperation with the Maldives.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi also congratulated Muizzu, reaffirming India’s commitment to strengthening its bilateral relationship with the Maldives and enhancing cooperation in the Indian Ocean Region.

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