Israel Guarantees Indian Workers Safety

Israel Assures Safety of Indians amid War

Israel Guarantees: Amidst the ongoing Gaza conflict and escalating tensions between Israel and Iran, the safety and security of Indian construction workers in Israel have become a focal point of concern.

Israeli envoy to India, Naor Gilon, assured during an interview with ANI that these workers would be safeguarded akin to the Israeli population, emphasizing that Israel treats Indian workers as integral members of its society.

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Gilon reiterated Israel’s commitment to protecting all residents and affirmed that the Indian workers would receive the same level of security as any Israeli citizen. The workers are no different than other Israelis, Gilon stated, underscoring Israel’s efforts in safeguarding civilians.

Earlier this month, Gilon had announced the deployment of the first batch of over 60 Indian construction workers to Israel, expressing optimism that they would enhance the bilateral relations between the two nations.

Responding to concerns raised by the Ministry of External Affairs regarding the safety of Indian workers, Gilon assured that Israel is conscious of their well-being and is taking necessary measures to ensure their safety.

Regarding recent attacks from Iran, Gilon attributed them to Iran’s support for Hamas, characterizing it as a proxy war against Israel.

Despite the aggression, Gilon highlighted Israel’s successful interception of the majority of the rockets fired by Iran, further underscoring Israel’s commitment to defending its citizens and residents against external threats.

As tensions persist in the region, the assurance of safety for Indian workers in Israel remains a priority for both nations.

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