Indian Student Shot in Canada

Indian Student Death in Canada

Tragedy struck in South Vancouver as 24-year-old Indian student Chirag Antil lost his life in a car shooting. Vancouver police swiftly responded to reports of gunfire near East 55th Avenue and Main Street around 11 pm on April 12, discovering Antil deceased inside the vehicle upon arrival.

As the investigation progresses, no individuals have been arrested yet. Varun Choudhary, Chief of the National Students’ Union of India, has taken to social media, urging support from the Ministry of External Affairs for Antil’s family.

Indian Student Shot..

Choudhary stressed the need for close monitoring of the investigation to ensure swift justice.

Amidst the tragedy, Antil’s family has launched a crowdfunding campaign to repatriate his body to India. Antil, a recent MBA graduate from the University Canada West, had just obtained his work permit after arriving in Vancouver in September 2022.

The incident has sparked concerns and calls for action within the Indian student community abroad. With no immediate resolution in sight, the grieving family awaits updates on the investigation while grappling with the loss of their loved one.

As the case gains attention, pressure mounts on authorities to expedite the investigation and provide support to Antil’s family during this difficult time.

The tragic loss of Chirag Antil serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability faced by international students studying abroad.

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