Iran Lifts Visa Requirement for Indians

Iran Removes Visa Requirements for Indian Visitors

Iran Lifts: Iran has recently waived visa requirements for Indian citizens, a decision enacted by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran starting from February 4th, 2024. However, this newfound freedom comes with certain stipulations.

Under this new regulation, individuals holding ordinary Indian passports can now enter Iran without needing a visa. Nonetheless, there are limitations accompanying this privilege.

Iran Lifts Visa

Visitors are permitted to avail themselves of this visa-free entry once every six months, with a maximum stay duration of 15 days. Importantly, this 15-day period cannot be extended under the new policy.

It’s important to note that this visa exemption is specifically intended for individuals entering Iran for tourism purposes.

Should Indian nationals plan to prolong their stay beyond the allotted period, make multiple entries within a six-month timeframe, they must secure the requisite visas through the appropriate representations of the Islamic Republic of Iran in India.

Previously, India only held visa-exemption arrangements with Iran for diplomatic personnel. However, in recent months, India has been included in the visa-exemption lists of numerous countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.

The most recent addition to this trend was Kenya, which announced its decision to abolish visa requirements for all travellers, irrespective of their country of origin.

This move by Iran signifies a significant step towards facilitating tourism and enhancing diplomatic ties between the two nations, offering Indian citizens easier access to the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty that Iran has to offer.

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