Indians Flock to Southeast Asia

Indians Prefer Southeast Asia for Travel

Indians Flock: The recent visa waivers by Malaysia and Thailand for Indian travellers have significantly boosted travel demand, with Agoda data revealing a notable surge in searches.

Pattaya, a Thai beach destination, also climbed to the third position. Meanwhile, Malaysia witnessed a substantial rise in Indian searches from January, compared to October the previous year.

Indians Flock Viral

Agoda’s insights highlight the positive impact of visa relaxations on travel preferences, as Indian tourists increasingly explore Southeast Asian destinations.

The visa waiver programs have played a pivotal role in attracting Indian travellers, as reflected in the surge in search data. India’s inclusion in the visa-free access list for 62 countries, according to the Henley Passport Index, further promotes hassle-free travel, encouraging more Indians to explore international destinations.

As visa relaxations become a key factor in travel decision-making, various countries in the Asia-Pacific region are adapting their policies to accommodate the preferences of Indian and Chinese travellers.

The significant increase in searches for both Thailand and Malaysia underscores the effectiveness of these visa-related initiatives in fostering tourism growth.

This trend signifies a broader shift in the travel landscape, where accessibility and ease of travel play a crucial role in shaping tourist preferences.

With more destinations offering visa relaxations, Indian travellers are likely to continue exploring diverse international locations, contributing to the global tourism boom.

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