Indian Students’ Study Hampered in Australia

Indian Students Face Issue in Australia

Indian Students: Rising accommodation costs in Australia, exacerbated by a housing shortage, are thwarting the study abroad aspirations of many Indian students, claim multiple study abroad consultants.

Exclusive data from University Living reveals a nearly 15% surge in shared room or dormitory prices in the last quarter, reaching AUD 329 per week.

Indian Students Issues..

Australia’s recent regulations mandate a minimum bank balance for living expenses, adding further strain on students.

As a result, student visa approval rates have dropped by 5%, particularly affecting students from India and its surrounding nations like Nepal, and Pakistan.

Australia aims to reduce its net immigration to 250K by mid-2025, reverting to pre-pandemic levels. This shift includes stricter English language requirements and modifications to work hour restrictions.

Experts attribute the current housing crisis to excessive immigration in 5 years after 2010 in cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

The situation reflects ongoing concerns predating the pandemic, highlighting the need for proactive measures to address housing affordability and immigration policies.

For Indian students, the dream of studying in Australia faces significant obstacles due to these challenges.

As the country grapples with housing shortages and policy changes, stakeholders must collaborate to find sustainable solutions, ensuring continued access to quality education for international students.

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