India Meeting Global Worker Demand

India Helping World in Labour Crisis

India Meeting: India’s significance in addressing the global demand-supply gap for skilled workers is highlighted by a senior executive at TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship.

Over the past decade, India has transitioned into a preferred destination for hiring skilled workers, experiencing an annual growth rate of 15-20%, largely attributed to aging populations in developed nations.

India Meeting…

Forecasts suggest that the trend of global mobility among Indian workers will continue to surge, with an anticipated growth rate of 28-30% over the next five years. India’s demographic advantage, with 554M individuals aged between 15-64 years, further strengthens its position.

The ‘Global Skill Gap Study’ by the National Skill Development Corporation underscores the increasing demand for Indian talent across diverse sectors globally, particularly in regions like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and the USA.

To address this demand, initiatives like the Indian International Skilling Centre Network aim to facilitate international workforce mobility, placing skilled Indian candidates overseas and providing pre-departure orientation and certification.

Additionally, bilateral labour agreements with countries like Japan and France enhance India’s prominence in the global labour market.

Training programs aligned with international standards and language proficiency are provided to candidates, tailored to meet employer requirements.

Collaboration with the National Skill Development Corporation International further bolsters efforts to fulfil global skill demands.

India’s proactive approach in skill development and international partnerships underscores its pivotal role in addressing the evolving needs of the global workforce.

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