Indian Crew Linked to Baltimore Bridge Incident

Indian Crew Involved in Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Indian Crew: The cargo ship responsible for striking a key bridge in Baltimore, leading to its collapse, had an entire crew of 22 members who are all Indian nationals, as confirmed by the vessel’s company.

The incident involving the Singapore-flagged container ship named Dali occurred around 1:30 am local time on Tuesday when it collided with a pillar of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in the outer Baltimore Harbour.

Indian Crew Updates

According to the Synergy Marine Group, which manages the ship, the crew was exclusively Indian. The vessel, owned by Grace Ocean Private Ltd, was en route from Baltimore to Colombo at the time of the collision.

The ship’s management company, Synergy Marine Group, stated that the collision happened while the vessel was under pilotage with two pilots onboard. Although the exact cause is yet to be determined, the Dali has initiated its Qualified Individual Incident Response service.

Authorities, including the US Coast Guard and local officials, have been notified, and the owners and managers are actively cooperating with federal and state agencies.

Maersk, in a statement, expressed shock over the incident and confirmed that the vessel, chartered by Synergy Group, was carrying cargo for Maersk customers. No Maersk personnel were aboard the vessel during the collision.

Investigations are ongoing to ascertain the cause of the cargo ship’s collision with the bridge in Baltimore, a major city near Washington, D.C. Both authorities and Synergy Group are conducting inquiries, and updates will be provided as the investigation progresses.

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