India Arrests Immigrants from Bangladesh

Bangladeshi Immigrants Held in India

India Arrests: In a recent crackdown by the Central Crime Branch of Bengaluru Police, four Bangladeshi immigrants were apprehended for allegedly engaging in fraudulent activities to obtain Indian identity documents.

The individuals arrested, namely Shamim Ahmed, Mohammad Abdullah, Noor Jahan, and Haroon Mohammad, were discovered residing in a rented accommodation on Bannerghatta Road in Bengaluru.

India Arrests Immigrants..

Investigations revealed that the immigrants had presented forged rental agreements and other falsified proofs of residence to acquire Indian identity cards, including Aadhaar, PAN, and ration cards.

This deceptive scheme allowed them to illegally obtain official Indian documents.

Further complicating the matter, four locals—identified as Mubarak, Muneer, Hussain, and Naheem—were implicated for aiding the accused in fabricating these documents.

These individuals allegedly played a role in assisting the Bangladeshi immigrants in their endeavour to secure Indian identity papers through illicit means.

Authorities have filed a case against all eight individuals involved, charging them with aiding illegal immigrants from Bangladesh in obtaining fraudulent Indian identity documents, including passports.

The arrests underscore the vigilance of law enforcement agencies in identifying and apprehending individuals involved in document fraud and immigration-related offenses.

Such operations aim to maintain the integrity of the Indian identity documentation system and safeguard against potential security risks posed by illegal immigration and identity fraud.

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