India Advises Pre-Arrival Registration for Hong Kong

Hong Kong Registration Before Arrival

India Advises: The Consulate General of India in Hong Kong has released an advisory for Indian nationals intending to visit the special administrative region for less than 14 days.

The advisory stipulates that individuals must apply for online pre-arrival Registration (PAR). Once approved, a PAR remains valid for six months and permits multiple visits.

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It is emphasized that possession of a valid PAR does not ensure successful entry into Hong Kong. Compliance with the outlined requirements is imperative.

The Consulate General of India highlights instances where failure to adhere to the prescribed guidelines resulted in Hong Kong Immigration denying entry. Such cases necessitated individuals to return to their port of embarkation from India via the same airline, often accompanied by airport hardships while awaiting repatriation.

It’s essential for travellers to recognize that a PAR serves as a prerequisite for entry but does not guarantee admission. Stringent adherence to regulations is crucial to avoid potential complications and ensure a smooth travel experience.

This advisory underscores the Consulate General’s commitment to safeguarding the interests and well-being of Indian nationals visiting Hong Kong.

By informing travellers of the necessary procedures and potential consequences, the Consulate aims to facilitate informed and hassle-free journeys for all visitors to the region.

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