Australia Updates Student Visa Rules

Australia Student Visa Changes

Australia Updates: Australia is set to enforce stricter visa regulations for foreign students this week, coinciding with yet another surge in migration levels. Effective from Saturday, both student and graduate visas will require higher English language proficiency.

Additionally, the government gains authority to suspend education providers repeatedly breaching rules regarding international student recruitment. These measures align with the government’s migration strategy, aiming to address systemic issues inherited from previous administrations.

Australia Updates For Student Visa

A forthcoming genuine student test seeks to deter individuals primarily seeking work opportunities in Australia. Moreover, no further stay conditions will be more widely applied to visitor visas.

These actions build upon last year’s efforts to revoke COVID-era concessions, including unlimited work hours for international students. The government anticipates these changes could halve migrant intake over two years.

Australia ramped up migration in 2022 to alleviate labour shortages exacerbated by the pandemic. However, the influx, predominantly from India, China, and the Philippines, has further constrained the housing market.

Record migration levels have exacerbated existing issues, with rental vacancies at historic lows and soaring construction costs limiting new supply. While migration has bolstered labour availability, it has also restrained wage growth.

Nevertheless, the government is determined to strike a balance between economic benefits and addressing housing and labour market challenges through these policy adjustments.

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