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Hong Kong Witness: The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) revealed a provisional full-year visitor count of 34M for the previous year, with around four million visitors in December alone.

Throughout the year, the Mainland remained the leading source market, showcasing ‘satisfactory’ arrivals during key periods like Labour Day Golden Week, summer holidays, and National Day Golden Week.

In contrast, Southeast Asian markets demonstrated a swift recovery, as highlighted by the tourism board. Overnight visitors constituted half of the total, a notable increase compared to pre-pandemic levels, with an average stay of less than 4 nights.

Hong Kong Witness

Dane Cheng, the executive director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, emphasized the past year’s focus on reconnecting with global visitors to drive steady tourism recovery.

Looking ahead, the HKTB aims to leverage current travel trends and consumer preferences, conducting targeted promotions in various source markets to enhance interest in visiting Hong Kong.

The tourism board plans to maintain its momentum by organizing mega events, aiming to maximize the tourism industry’s contribution to the overall economy. The strategic approach seeks to position Hong Kong as a top-of-mind destination, aligning with evolving global travel patterns and consumer expectations.

The Hello Hong Kong global promotional campaign not only showcased the city’s resilience and warm welcome but also adapted to evolving travel patterns post-pandemic.

This dynamic approach reflects our commitment to staying attuned to the changing landscape of travel preferences. By emphasizing accessible attractions through HSR and reviving crowd-pleasing events, we aim to reignite interest in Hong Kong as a global destination.

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