High Court in Support of NRI Graduates

Madhya Pradesh High Court Takes Action on University

The Madhya Pradesh High Court has issued notices to the state government and the Madhya Pradesh Medical Science University (MPMSU) following petitions filed by medical students seeking a reduction in the exorbitant fee demanded for issuing provisional degrees to NRI students.

Viral Mandlik, Niyogita Pathak, and several other students highlighted in their petitions that after completing their MBBS courses and internships at MPMSU, they were required to pay a fee of Rs 4 lakh ($4,800) for a provisional degree.

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This fee, they argued, is significantly higher than the nominal Rs 200 fee charged to local students for the same service.

Despite raising their concerns with the university management, the students allege that no action was taken to address their grievances, prompting them to seek legal recourse.

The petitioners argue that the disparity in fees for local and NRI students is unjust and discriminatory.

They contend that such excessive fees place an undue financial burden on NRI students, inhibiting their access to essential documentation for further career advancement or licensure in their home countries.

The issuance of notices by the High Court signals a significant step towards addressing the students’ concerns and ensuring equitable treatment for all students enrolled at MPMSU.

The outcome of this legal action could have broader implications for fee structures and practices within Indian medical universities.

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