HCL Global Delivery Center Inauguration – On 25 July Rabat Boosting Morocco’s Tech Ecosystem

HCL Tech's Technopolis-Rabat Inauguration Sparks Technological Renaissance in Morocco

HCL Global Delivery Center Inauguration : “In a significant milestone for Morocco’s tech landscape, the Moroccan Head of Government, H.E Aziz Akhannouch, convened a momentous meeting with Mrs. Roshni Nadar, Chairperson of HCL Group, on July 24th, 2023, in Rabat. The meeting, attended by Minister Mohcine Jazouli and Minister Ghita Mezzour, marked the inauguration of the HCL Global Delivery Center (GDC) in Technopolis-Rabat. This endeavor promises to revolutionize the country’s outsourcing sector, particularly in coding, software, and IT services, and elevate the local technology ecosystem.”

HCL Global Delivery Center Inauguration & Minister Says

“The Global Delivery Center (GDC) inauguration, held on July 25th, was a moment of great pride for Morocco. Minister (Ghita Mezzour), the Minister Delegate to the Head of Government in charge of Digital Transition and Administration Reform, lauded the collaboration with HCL Tech, India’s leading global tech company, as a significant step towards enhancing Morocco’s position as an attractive foreign investment destination.

The newly inaugurated center, established in Technopolis-Rabat, is set to create numerous job positions with high added value, offering a plethora of opportunities in the field of coding, software development, and IT services. By fostering local talent in these domains, HCL Tech aims to contribute to Morocco’s economic growth and skill development. The initiative is aligned with the High Instructions of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, who has been steadfast in his vision of strengthening Morocco’s presence in the global markets.

Mrs. Roshni Nadar, the visionary Chairperson of HCL Group, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership with Morocco, emphasizing the nation’s potential as a burgeoning hub for technical support and software engineering services. The GDC will cater to customers worldwide, further elevating Morocco’s prominence in the global tech landscape.

Technopolis-Rabat, known for its vibrant tech ecosystem, has provided the ideal location for HCL’s new center. The strategic collaboration between HCL Tech and the Moroccan government is expected to nurture local talent, fuel innovation, and drive digital transformation within the country.

The HCL Global Delivery Center is poised to become a hub of innovation, where Moroccan youth will have the opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to cutting-edge projects. The center’s establishment signifies a crucial step towards a knowledge-based economy and showcases Morocco’s commitment to advancing technology and embracing global partnerships.

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