Google Fires Employees over Israel Protest

Google Workers Fired after Holding Protest

Google Fires :- Google has terminated 28 employees following a disruptive sit-in protest against its contract with the Israel government.

Organized by No Tech for Apartheid, the protest targeted Google’s $1.2B joint contract with Amazon for cloud services in Israel. This action from the tech giant has raised many questions in relation to human rights and work ethics.

Google Fires Employees :-

Video footage showed police arresting protesters at Google’s Sunnyvale office, where they occupied CEO Thomas Kurian’s office for 10 hours. Signs reading “Googlers against Genocide” referenced Israel’s actions in Gaza.

The advocacy group cited a Time magazine report revealing Google’s draft contract billing the Israel Ministry of Defence over $1M for consulting services. Similar protests occurred in New York and Seattle.

Google stated that a small number of employees disrupted multiple locations, asserting the protests were led by external groups.

Despite multiple requests to vacate, law enforcement intervened for office safety, leading to the termination of 28 employees.

A Google spokesperson clarified that Google’s cloud services cater to various governments, including Israel, but don’t involve sensitive or military operations. The company pledged to continue investigating and taking necessary actions.

This incident highlights the intersection of tech, activism, and geopolitical issues, as corporations face scrutiny over their partnerships with governments involved in controversial activities.

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