Frankfurt : Unique Role in Easing Indian Visa Delays

Frankfurt : US Consulate Helps Visa Delays

Frankfurt : In response to the extended waiting times for B1 and B2 visa interviews in India, the US consulate located in Frankfurt has designated specific interview slots for Indian applicants.

To address the growing backlog and meet the rising demand, Indians were given the option to seek visas at US consulates outside of India, including Bangkok.

Over the past year, various measures were implemented to reduce the extensive waiting period, which had reached almost three years during the previous winter.

Despite these initiatives, challenges have arisen with a new scheduling platform for non-immigrant visa interviews in India. A representative from the US embassy has informed that efforts are underway to swiftly resolve these issues.

In recent dialogues between the US embassy and Indian authorities, three significant matters were discussed: visa processing durations, technical challenges with the appointment scheduling portal, and concerns pertaining to student visas.

Frankfurt & Visa Processing

Regarding visa processing times, the embassy representative stated, “In India, interview wait times for all non-immigrant visa categories, except first-time visitor visa applicants, are now approaching pre-pandemic levels or even shorter.”

Regarding the portal glitches, the official stressed, “We are actively monitoring customer feedback concerning technical problems encountered when using the website to schedule non-immigrant visa appointments at US embassy and consulate locations in India and are committed to promptly resolving any technical issues that arise.”

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