France Prepares to Host 30K Indian Students within a Decade

France Ready to Welcome over 30K Indian Students

Indian students aspiring to pursue higher education in France often encounter visa-related challenges. However, there is a positive shift on the horizon, according to Thierry Mathou, the Ambassador of France to India.

Mathou conveyed that President Emmanuel Macron has expressed France’s commitment to welcoming 30K Indian students into its higher education institutions by 2030.

France Prepares Updates for Indian Students

Additionally, Ambassador Thierry Mathou elaborated on recent developments regarding the five-year short-stay Schengen visa. He emphasized that France firmly believes that the mere act of an Indian student spending a single semester in the country establishes a profound connection, one that should be nurtured and treasured.

Starting from this summer, Indian students holding a Master’s degree or higher qualification, and who have completed a minimum of one semester of study in France, now qualify for a unique 5-year short-term Schengen visa.

This special arrangement has been designed specifically for Indian graduates, facilitating them in maintaining strong connections with both France and their French counterparts.

Furthermore, universities are set to introduce international classes, making it possible for non-French-speaking students to join regular French undergraduate programs after undergoing one year of preparatory training.

The dedication to enhancing academic connections is underscored by the creation of more than 600 collaborations between educational institutions in France and India.

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