Dubai Job Scam : 5,000 Victims Fooled by Deceptive Tactics

Dubai Job Seekers Beware of Scamters

Dubai Job Scam : A criminal organization engaged in an extensive job scam operation aimed at individuals seeking employment opportunities in the Gulf region has been apprehended by law enforcement authorities.

According to a report, this gang conducted deceptive job interviews to lure potential victims, promising them positions within well-known Dubai-based companies. Subsequently, once the victims made the required payments, the criminals would cut off all communication, leaving their victims deceived and powerless.

Dubai Job Scam Issues

This elaborate scheme targeted more than 5,000 people, many of whom hailed from rural backgrounds. The police have successfully identified and located 900 of these victims.

In an effort to evade capture, the gang employed various tactics, such as frequently changing their office locations and using multiple SIM cards. During the course of the investigation, law enforcement authorities recovered passports that belonged to 100 individuals who had fallen prey to this fraudulent operation.

As stated by Special Commissioner Ravindra Yadav, this criminal group had a specific focus on individuals seeking job opportunities in Gulf countries, and a substantial portion of their victims originated from Kerala.

Authorities elucidated that the gang operated by creating a network of fictitious companies, masking their true nature with the appearance of legitimate front offices.

Senior police officials disclosed that the scammers successfully registered their deceptive companies on reputable platforms using fraudulent documents. They also resorted to counterfeit Aadhaar cards and official seals to officially register these companies with the registrar of companies.

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