Canada Drops Medical Reports for Express Entry Applicants

Canada makes Changes to Express Entry Scheme

Canada Drops : Canada has eased the burden on Express Entry permanent residency applicants by eliminating the compulsory requirement for upfront medical examination results.

Instead, candidates are now encouraged to await specific instructions before undergoing a medical assessment. Upon receiving notification, applicants will have a 30-day window to fulfil this requirement.

For those individuals who have previously undergone an Immigration Medical Examination (IME) as part of a prior application, such as for work or study purposes, and are presently residing in Canada, it may not be necessary to undergo another IME when applying for permanent residency, as stated by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada).

Canada Drops Updates for Applicants

If you’ve undergone an IME within the past 5 years before submitting your new application, be sure to include the IME number or the unique medical identifier number from your previous examination in your current application.

In cases where your previous IME results cannot be utilized, the IRCC will provide you with guidance on how to complete your medical examination after you have submitted your application.

This adjustment is designed to streamline the application process and ensure that medical evaluations are conducted at the appropriate stage.

Obtaining an immigration medical examination (IME) from a panel physician is a mandatory requirement for obtaining permanent residence. It’s worth noting that your family members must also undergo a medical examination, even if they are not accompanying you in your move to Canada.

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